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Digital delivery solution for ultra-urban cities, 100% ecological and responsible, which guarantees you a secure hand-delivered delivery where and when you want it.


With the tip of your finger, you program your delivery where and when you want it on a time slot of thirty minutes modifiable up to one hour before its reception.
Ultra-flexible delivery adapted to your schedule.


From collection to delivery, your package is permanently tracked and hand-delivered to you or the person of your choice secured by a code.
Your parcel cannot be lost.

 Citoyenne et écologique

Eco-responsible. Our teams are employed on permanent contracts. Our solution is 100% digital, zero paper, and our means of transport 100% electric, zero-emission.

More about it

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How DeliverMe.City works

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where !
Your address is your phone.

With DeliverMe.City, you geolocate where you want to receive your order.

It can be your office, the gym, the cafe next door, the park or even at your place.

We go where you are, where you want.

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when !
The time is over when the carrier could impose his schedule of delivery.

With DeliverMe.City, once we have recovered your order, you confirm when you want to get it and this, in a slot of a few minutes.

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who !
You want to recover your order but are not available ?

If you wish, you can delegate the authority to a third party of your choice so that they can pick it up for you.

How to use our app if the solution is not offered by your merchant ? 


Contact us

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.,

01 84 20 92 38


38, rue Mozart

92 110 Clichy

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