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DeliverMe.City, an eco-friendly secure urban delivery that adapts to your consumer's schedule.

DeliverMe.City is a delivery solution that guarantees hand delivery to the right person where and when they want it within a thirty-minute window.


Last KM delivery represents 40% of the total shipping and handling cost. 


of consumers are afraid of missing their delivery. 


daily delivery failure.


of consumers abandon their ordering process because they are dissatisfied with delivery options.

Our proposal

A solution to current challenges

Une solution

An ecological and citizen-friendly solution that secures your flows and adapts to your client's schedule.

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As soon as we pick up your package, we permanently track it until we securely hand deliver it.


The consumer schedules his delivery where and when he wants over a 30-minute window with the possibility of making changes up to one hour before receipt. 

 Ethical and Ecological

Our teams are employed. Our solution is 100% digital "zero paper" and our means of transport 100% electric.

"Best in class"
zero-emission tools managed by salaried teams.
All staff are legal and under contract

Our teams are salaried, trained, fully equipped to ensure quality service Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

A responsive mobile hub system

Our Renault Master ZE electric vans, with a range of 200kms, are fitted out as warehouses and supply our cyclists as soon as the consumer has confirmed their delivery.

Electric and efficient two-carriers bikes

Our electrically assisted bi-carrier enjoy from a large capacity secure trunks with a range of 70 km.

A logistics base at the gates of Paris allowing responsiveness and flexibility.
A logistics base of 600m²

Located in Clichy la Garenne, our logistics base provides our customers the opportunity to have a space for a buffer stock,  group products for less mass shipping, manage repacking or unpacking of products.


From this logistics base, we currently offer the possibility of choosing the thirty-minute delivery window in Paris, its first belt and in Saint Cloud, Suresnes, Sèvres.

Finally, we cover the whole of the inner suburbs of Paris on one-hour slots. More about it.

Additional needs in France or abroad ?

No worries, we have a network of partners and we will be happy to talk more specifically about your needs.

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The DeliverMe Connect system allows real-time intelligence of our various tools. 
Transport Management System

The TMS connects the system's components, making it possible to log and memorize all the actions. 



Our algorithm optimizes flows in real time according to three variants: the position of mobile hubs, bi-carriers and consumers waiting for their deliveries. More about it. 


Our Apps for the mobile hubs, two-carriers bikes and consumers allow us a 100% digital and secure solution. More about it. 

Predictive control tower

Our Apps for the mobile hubs, two-carriers bikes and consumers allow us a 100% digital and secure solution. More about it. 

How DeliverMe.City works 

Guarantee secure delivery to the right person on the first attempt where and when they want it within a 30 minute window.

Contact us

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.,

01 84 20 92 38


38, rue Mozart

92 110 Clichy

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